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Stillwater Medical & XENEX at OSU Wrestling

According to the CDC, wrestling, football & rugby players are at the highest risk of contracting infections from their sports activities. MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other skin infections are rampant in high school, college and professional sports due to the amount of skin to skin contact between athletes, as well as contact with bodily fluids such as sweat and blood. Another issue is weight benches and floor mats. These items tend to carry a lot of potentially infectious bacteria and viruses as a result of every day use. MRSA can live for 7 days-7 months on inanimate objects and C. diff spores can survive for up to 5 months. Many professional athletes have contracted career-ending infections from germs and bacteria in locker rooms and/or ORs where they are having surgery.

Stillwater Medical Center teamed up with Xenex to provide the wrestlers a clean, germ-free area, and also to showcase the power of the robots’ disinfection capabilities and what it means for hospital patients. Xenex is the global leader in UV disinfection for healthcare facilities and its Germ-Zapping Robots are highly effective against the resistant pathogens that challenge our hospitals the most: C. diff, MRSA, Norovirus and Influenza. The robot is ideal for accessing hard to reach nooks and crannies where germs may dwell and pose a risk to athletes.

Since last fall, Stillwater has used its 6 LightStrike robots daily to enhance patient safety by disinfecting patient rooms between stays and other hospital areas. The hospital has seen a marked reduction in hospital onset infections since deploying its robots.